Xronos Homework System

I have been a co-developer on the Xronos online homework system.  This system is based and built on the Ximera Project (developed by Ohio State University – sample available).  This is an open source online homework system that is free for students.  I have been involved in the development for the University of Florida’s system and we have successfully piloted a calculus 1 course in Spring 17, and I will be leading the pilot for the calculus 2 course in the Fall 17.

I have worked on many aspects, including problem generation.  We have problem banks that number in the hundreds of thousands of problems.  Since this system is open source, it can be used and developed for other institutions.  One of the goals of the Ximera Project was to foster developmental and educational cooperation between universities.

One of the main benefits of this project is the reduction of costs.  The system is free for students, and if combined with use of an open source textbook, can lead to significant savings.  For UF, it is “estimated to be able to save UF students an aggregate amount in software fees that exceeds $250,000 annually.”

I would love to be able to help bring the benefits of this system to other universities, and help alleviate the financial strain that hinders many students.