Personal Life

I am from the little town of Fort White, Florida.  I have lived in Florida all my life, growing up on a small farm.  My upbringing has given me a unique view on education.  I was home-schooled my entire K-12 and finished early, when I was 15.  I was always taught to master something before moving on, so that I would have a strong foundation.  I started college at 16 and knew from a young age that I wanted to study mathematics.  Teaching is in my family blood as many generations in my family are teachers.  I have loved teaching mathematics in my graduate career, and I look forward to teaching future generations of mathematicians.

My wife and I like to go to musical performances as well as stage performances whenever we can.  Jasmine is an accomplished singer, pianist, and organist, and I enjoy listening to her.  It is very nice to be able to relax and listen to her play.

Some other interests of mine are sports and cars.  I absolutely love baseball, and I am a Red Sox fan (hopefully, this doesn’t influence people).  I enjoy driving along backroads in the countryside and along the coasts.  Spending a day seeing all the little nooks that people rarely see is always fun.